Fun Things to Buy for Your New Cat

Invest in some of these fun toys to make your curious kitty feel right at home. ©

If you have a cat, you already know they have a mind of their own. However, they will pay you back for your attention with their love and affection. Show your feline friend how much you care by buying them one of these fun items they are sure to enjoy: Tired of waking up with a cat on your pillow, or even worse, in your face? Give a side cat bed a try … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Save Cash While Traveling for Memorial Day


Almost everyone likes to save a few dollars here and there. Take advantage of these three tips from that will help you save money while traveling this Memorial Day and on future trips. #1 Travel Light Airlines are charging for everything now, with most charging for even one bag of luggage. The fees for additional bags continue to rise. … [Read more...]

Untraditional Dinners You Can Cook on Our Community Grills

Don't have another boring summer cookout. This year, try something unexpected on the grill. Source: Pixabay

If you gourmet dining alfresco style, you'll like the sound of these untraditional, classy meals you can cook on our community grills: Pizza - brush some olive oil on pre-made pizza dough and place it on the grill for a few moments. Take it off the grill when the grilling marks begin to appear and add toppings of your choice to the grilled side of the … [Read more...]

Refresh Your Guests on a Hot Summer Day With These Delicious Lemonade Recipes

Lemonade is the classic summer drink. This summer, try it with a twist. ©

When you live in an apartment in Irvine with an amazing community, entertaining is even more fun. Serve these refreshing lemonade recipes at your next summer gathering. Organe Pekoe Lemonade You can always make more of this lemonade at the clubhouse's gourmet kitchen. In a bowl, stir the lemon juice and honey until the honey has dissolved. … [Read more...]

Get Your Graduate’s Input Before Planning the Party

Your grad put in a lot of work to achieve this milestone, listen to their input for a party.

Graduation season will be soon upon us. If you are throwing a party for your graduation, it can be a very hectic time. You can help reduce some of your stress by involving your graduate in the planning process because after all, it is their party. Their input can be essential to the success of the event. Your graduate can assist you with: Deciding the … [Read more...]

Have a Wii Dance-Off with Friends in your Irvine Home


If you're searching for things to do in Irvine, you won't even need to leave your home if you have a Wii for entertainment: all you'll require is the Just Dance 2 video game and you can enjoy hours of fun and exercise. Competitive games on Wii are exciting and great fun and Just Dance 2 is no exception. You can choose from 40 songs and it's just a case of … [Read more...]

3 Crafty Activities to Get Your Whole Household Into Earth Day

tin cans

Earth Day 2015 is on April 22nd, check out these crafting activities for decorating your Irvine apartment: Sunprints - You'll need to head out on a leaf collecting expedition before starting! You'll also need some sunprint fabric as this is light-sensitive. It's then just a matter of arranging your leaves in a pretty pattern on the fabric and leaving … [Read more...]

Prepare for an Intense Race with These Exercises


You can get a ton of your workout done at our Main Street Village apartment fitness center, especially if you are planning on entering a road race or 5K soon.  All you need is access to our fitness center, some great running shoes and training shoes, and the ability to follow the directions of some intense exercises laid out for you to get race … [Read more...]

Find the Right Litter for Your Cat


Your cat is king (or queen) of the apartment, so finding the best litter to suit is essential. With traditional granulated clay litter you'll probably scoop and remove solids every day, changing the litter at least once each week. Clumping litter is dried clay but it hasn't been baked, resulting in kitty litter which forms clumps when your cat … [Read more...]

Create an Experience for Mom for Mother’s Day

bee flower

If your mom is coming to visit your apartment in Irvine for Mother's Day, don't worry about not having enough money to buy her an expensive gift. Instead, give your mom the priceless gift of creating memories with her. Here are three ways you can create a memorable experience with your mom on Mother's Day: Take a trip down memory lane. Pull out the photo … [Read more...]