Cultivating a Home Workspace That Inspires You to Work

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When you're decorating your Irvine apartment, don't forget the home office. Whether your office is an entire room or a corner in a larger space, it's important to cultivate a space that inspires productivity. Work zone boundaries Establish work zone boundaries and keep clutter and distractions outside of them. Work at your desk to maintain focus … [Read more...]

Remember to Check Your Cat’s Ears for Good Health

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One way to keep your cat happy and healthy is to make sure you check its ears weekly for problems before they get out of hand. Swelling, odor, scratching, or buildup of wax or debris can be signs of an ear infection or ear mite infestation. Start by examining the outer surface of your cat’s earflap. There should be no bald spots and the underside … [Read more...]

Get More Creative with the Foot of Your Bed

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You may not realize it, but resting at the foot of your bed is an area that with a little creativity can enhance your bedroom in a variety of ways. It does not take a lot of room or money to make use of this space when decorating your Irvine apartment. Adding a bench at the foot of your bed can serve a dual purpose by providing extra seating and … [Read more...]

Best Vegetables to Grow in the Spring

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Growing vegetables is a good way to easily increase the amount of healthy foods in your diet. One of the amenities of living at Main Street Village is our community garden. Spring is a great time to go out, get your hands dirty, and plant some vegetables. The chance of frost is very slim with the last projected frost usually happening around the end … [Read more...]

Get More Reading in Your Life With Our Resident Library

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Unfortunately, with our hectic lifestyles, many people barely are able to make the time to read something other than the latest tweet or Facebook update. However, according to a recent Lifehack article, there are quite a few benefits to finding time in your daily routine to read something more substantial. Reading mentally stimulates your brain, which … [Read more...]

Get Vegetables Started From Seed to Grow in Our Garden or on Your Balcony

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If you enjoy gardening and want to feast on fresh, top quality veggies in 2015 then you should start growing your own vegetables from seed from February onwards. Here in California our warmer climate means we can sow our seeds direct into pots or planters outside at this time of year. You can try growing broccoli, any number of different herbs, … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Cleaning Spray and Freshen Up Your Apartment

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Keeping our apartment clean is a priority for just about everyone but those cleaning liquids sure can get expensive. Here is a quick tip on how to make your own affordable yet very effective cleaning spray for use all parts of your home. The base for this orange-scented spray is three ounces each of hydrogen peroxide, distilled white vinegar and … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Irvine Apartment’s Stone Floors Clean

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There are many upscale amenities available throughout our apartment community that makes it stand out from the rest. One luxurious benefit is having an apartment in Irvine with stone floors in both the kitchen and bathroom. With proper care, stone floors can be very durable. However, if you are unfamiliar with how to clean this type of flooring, you could … [Read more...]

Your Apartment Can be the Star at Your Oscar Party

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Do you want to host a memorable Oscar party at your Irvine apartment? From A-list drinks to sparkly decor, here are five tips for decorating your Irvine apartment to make it the star at your Oscar party and worthy of the hottest Hollywood stars: Lead your guests to the main area of your Oscar party with a pathway made of homemade sparkly … [Read more...]

Delicious Cajun Fries Perfect for Mardi Gras

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If Mardi Gras is a favorite celebration and you're looking for things to do in Irvine with kids or friends you could throw an impromptu Mardi Gras bash. Cajun fries are perfect snacks that are great with a variety of dips and really easy to make. To serve two to three people you'll need two large, peeled sweet potatoes, a tablespoonful of olive oil … [Read more...]