Great Way to Bring Aromatherapy Into Your Irvine Apartment

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Using pricey candles and air fresheners to bring scent into your apartment in Irvine can get expensive. There are more affordable ways you can bring aromatherapy into your apartment, and here are five ways to do it: Place pretty bowls of potpourri around your home. When the scent starts to fade or if you want to make it stronger, add a couple of … [Read more...]

A Great Resource for School and Work Lunches to Make in Your Main Street Village Kitchen

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Do you need new ideas for school and work lunches that you can make in the high-end kitchen in your apartment in Irvine? There is a fabulous resource that 'Modern Family Messy Kids' created called Mega School Lunch Roundup featuring thousands of lunch options that you should check out. Here is a sampling of the types of lunches featured in this … [Read more...]

Use Birdcages for a Standout Apartment Design

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Bird-themed decorating is one of the hottest trends. Decorating your Irvine apartment with unique birdcages for a standout home design will add textural and visual differences to any room they embellish. Here are four creative ways you can decorate your apartment with birdcages: Decorate a table in your living room with two wooden birdcages in … [Read more...]

Ideas for Taking a Vacation in Your Own Apartment

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Instead of traveling to faraway places or spending a lot of money on your next vacation, plan on taking it in your Irvine apartment instead. You can actually have quite a bit of fun creating a customized itinerary for your stay-at-home vacation. If you need some inspiration, here are three fun ideas for a home vacation: If you love to cook, use … [Read more...]

Have Spooky Fun All Month in Irvine

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Each Saturday in October, the residents from our Irvine apartments can have spooky fun in Irvine enjoying everything from carnival games to gourmet food. These month-long spooky events will be some of the most fun things to do in Irvine during October. Here is what Spooktacular Saturdays in Irvine are all about: Spooktacular Saturdays will take … [Read more...]

Have a Great Artisan Pizza at Blaze

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Have an incredible artisan pizza at Blaze near your Irvine apartment. It's one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Irvine. Check out the delicious details about Blaze Pizza: Blaze Pizza at 4255 Campus Drive A120 is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. All of their artisans pizzas are created from made-from-scratch dough. At this pizza … [Read more...]

Orange County is 125 Years Old This Year

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Orange County is 125 years old this year! The county will be honoring this celebration in Orange County with a series of historic pictures and a timeline of events that we would like the residents from our Irvine apartments to take a look at. Check out the following tributes Orange County put together as way to honor this birthday: The county created … [Read more...]

Follow the New Three Feet for Safety Act

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Have you heard about the Three Feet for Safety Act? We felt it's something that the residents from our Irvine apartments should know about and follow. This act is gong to make any driver living in Irvine safer. Here is what you need to know about the Three Feet for Safety Act: On September 16, 2014, the Three Feet for Safety Act became law. This new … [Read more...]

10 of Irvine’s Best Qualities

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Your apartment in Irvine is surrounded by the best our city has to offer. There are so many things that make Irvine one of the greatest places to live. Here are 10 of Irvine's best qualities: Irvine has one of the biggest indie theaters in their backyard. Our city has incredible options for late-night dining. Irvine has an abundance of … [Read more...]

Get Away to Knott’s Scary Farm

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If one of your favorite things to do in Irvine is explore spooky attractions, then you need to plan a getaway to Knott's Scary Farm. This mini-vacation will be a frightfully good time for any of the residents from our Irvine apartments who love a good scare. Here is what you need to do to book your Knott's Scary Farm's getaway today:   Knott's … [Read more...]