Best Places to Enjoy Sunsets in Irvine

Check out these spots to catch the best sunset views in Irvine. ©

When living in Irvine, you are treated to beautiful sunsets. Taking a moment to enjoy them is one of the most peaceful of the many fun things to do in Irvine. Though it started as a small flag pole in the corner of a local park, the Northwood Gratitude and Honor Memorial has blossomed into a gorgeous memorial dedicated to the brave men and women who … [Read more...]

Enjoy This Sore Muscle Soak in Your Main Street Village Bathtub

Unwind with a homemade bath mix to soothe your sore muscles. ©

Are you looking for a way to work out some kinks? Soothe away muscle aches while enjoying your luxury bathroom with bathtub by trying this DIY sore muscle soak. Making this simple muscle rub couldn't be easier. First, start by gathering your ingredients. You will need epsom salts to remove your aches and pains, as well as your favorite essential oils. For … [Read more...]

Tips to Keep Your Main Street Village Bathroom Organized

bathroom organized

Has your bathroom cabinet been overrun with clutter? Make your things easily accessible in no time with these simple organizational strategies. … [Read more...]

Head to Newport Landing for a Whale Watching Adventure

Experience the wonder of the blue whale migration right before your eyes! ©

In recent years, blue whales have begun to make their annual migration past our shores. Check out this amazing sight for yourself on a Newport Landing Whale Watching Cruise. While whale sightings off our coast were once rare, about seven years ago that changed. Now, hundreds and even thousands of whales make our region a part of their annual voyage. From … [Read more...]

Visit the Irvine Historical Society to Explore Our Community’s Rich History

Explore the history of this wonderful city at the Irvine Historical Museum. Source: Irvine Historical Society

Are you interested in learning more about our fascinating city? Grow an appreciation about the roots of our community by heading to the Irvine Historical Society. Dedicated to the preservation of regional history, the historical society is full of great information. The society is located on the site of Irvine Ranch, which was once one of the largest … [Read more...]

Common Exercises to Use With Caution

How to work out properly

Just because an exercise is a common part of many workouts, doesn't mean that it is safe. Avoid injuries by ensuring that you use proper form with these potentially dangerous exercise. If not executed correctly, a lunge can really do some damage to your knees. When done properly, one leg will be bent at 90-degrees, while the other heel comes off the … [Read more...]

Treats to Keep Your Dog Cool Throughout the Day

This summer, make your dog a cool treat. ©

On a hot day, your dog will really love a nice, cool treat. Give your pup just the reward he craves with these summertime dog treats. During the summer, even ice can be really exciting. To give your pup something special that lasts for hours, fill a bowl with water and freeze it overnight. Then, your pup will have nice cold water all day. For a great … [Read more...]

Use the Side of Our Community Pool for Healthy, Fun Exercise

pool workout

The pool at our Irvine apartment community is the perfect place for a full-body workout. Get in shape from the comfort of the water with these pool exercise ideas. To really target the back of your arms, try some Triceps Lifts. Start by sitting on the side of the pool with your feet in the water. Then, place your hands on either side of your thighs, … [Read more...]

Don’t Make These Very Common Grilling Mistakes When Using Our Community Grills

how to grill

With smoke and char, all kinds of food just tastes better on the grill. Make sure that your meal comes out perfectly by avoiding these common grill mistakes. Give the grill time to come to temperature. High heat is the key to a beautiful sear and a nice, caramelized crust. If you put the food on before it is warm enough, you may be left with bland food … [Read more...]

Healthy Fruit Snacks to Serve on Fourth of July

4th of july snacks

A great Fourth of July celebration needs some tasty treats. Make a buffet filled with healthy and patriotic dishes with these Independence Day snacks. For a sweet twist on chips and salsa, make yours with fruit. Cut tortillas into stars and top with cinnamon and sugar. Then, mix together strawberries, blueberries, apples, and sugar. For some festive … [Read more...]