3 Crafty Activities to Get Your Whole Household Into Earth Day

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Earth Day 2015 is on April 22nd, check out these crafting activities for decorating your Irvine apartment: Sunprints - You'll need to head out on a leaf collecting expedition before starting! You'll also need some sunprint fabric as this is light-sensitive. It's then just a matter of arranging your leaves in a pretty pattern on the fabric and leaving … [Read more...]

Prepare for an Intense Race with These Exercises


You can get a ton of your workout done at our Main Street Village apartment fitness center, especially if you are planning on entering a road race or 5K soon.  All you need is access to our fitness center, some great running shoes and training shoes, and the ability to follow the directions of some intense exercises laid out for you to get race … [Read more...]

Find the Right Litter for Your Cat


Your cat is king (or queen) of the apartment, so finding the best litter to suit is essential. With traditional granulated clay litter you'll probably scoop and remove solids every day, changing the litter at least once each week. Clumping litter is dried clay but it hasn't been baked, resulting in kitty litter which forms clumps when your cat … [Read more...]

Create an Experience for Mom for Mother’s Day

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If your mom is coming to visit your apartment in Irvine for Mother's Day, don't worry about not having enough money to buy her an expensive gift. Instead, give your mom the priceless gift of creating memories with her. Here are three ways you can create a memorable experience with your mom on Mother's Day: Take a trip down memory lane. Pull out the photo … [Read more...]

Vegetables to Plant in Our Community Garden This April

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With all the talk about pesticide use and GMO in the news, growing your own vegetables is a great way to know exactly what you are eating. Having an apartment in Irvine with a community garden makes it easy for you to start your own garden plot and enjoy the outdoors this spring. You can get started right now by direct sowing seeds for crops that will … [Read more...]

Ideas for Enjoying the Outdoors in the Lovely Spring Weather

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With everything blooming, spring is one of our favorite seasons. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and try out these three fun outdoor activities in Irvine. A good book is even better when read outside. For a reading spot with a view, take a short 15-minute stroll to San Marco Park. There, find a beautiful shade tree and spread a blanket … [Read more...]

Fun Games to Bring to San Marco Park

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Are you looking for free things to do in Irvine? San Marco Park is conveniently located right off of Main Street, just a mile down the road from our Main Street Village complex. With ample grassy fields, it offers endless possibilities for playing fun games with the whole family. Popcorn drop. Split the group into two teams. Strap paper cups onto … [Read more...]

Cultivating a Home Workspace That Inspires You to Work

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When you're decorating your Irvine apartment, don't forget the home office. Whether your office is an entire room or a corner in a larger space, it's important to cultivate a space that inspires productivity. Work zone boundaries Establish work zone boundaries and keep clutter and distractions outside of them. Work at your desk to maintain focus … [Read more...]

Remember to Check Your Cat’s Ears for Good Health

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One way to keep your cat happy and healthy is to make sure you check its ears weekly for problems before they get out of hand. Swelling, odor, scratching, or buildup of wax or debris can be signs of an ear infection or ear mite infestation. Start by examining the outer surface of your cat’s earflap. There should be no bald spots and the underside … [Read more...]

Get More Creative with the Foot of Your Bed

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You may not realize it, but resting at the foot of your bed is an area that with a little creativity can enhance your bedroom in a variety of ways. It does not take a lot of room or money to make use of this space when decorating your Irvine apartment. Adding a bench at the foot of your bed can serve a dual purpose by providing extra seating and … [Read more...]