5 Things to Get for Your Puppy

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If you just got a new puppy in your Main Street Village apartment, there are things you should have for them. It'll make both of your lives much happier. Here are five things to do for your puppy to have a good experience with your pet in Irvine: Have plenty of fun toys on-hand for your puppy. This will keep your puppy from using your couch as a … [Read more...]

Fun Things to Do to Keep Your Kids’ Room Organized

apartment organization

Get your kids excited about keeping their bedroom in your Irvine apartment neat by teaching them fun ways to organize it. Tell your kids that keeping their bedroom organized will make it more appealing and fun. Here are three clever apartment storage solutions that will help your kids keep their room neat: Turn an old pallet into a fun sneaker … [Read more...]

Bring Color to Your Bedroom With a Painted Bed


Add a splash of color to the bedroom in your apartment in Greater Anaheim with a painted bed. A freshly painted bed will also add personality and visual interest to your bedroom. Here are three color ideas for your bed that will make a big impact: Eclectic Kids via Houzz Red is a wonderful color choice to paint your bed, because it's a passionate color … [Read more...]

Relieve Your Sunburn Naturally After Summer Fun in Irvine

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Even if you do everything you can to prevent getting a sunburn while enjoying our outdoor recreational amenities at our green apartments in Irvine, sometimes you still get burned. You can relieve your sunburn naturally after summer fun by trying one of the following three remedies: Aloe vera is one of the most popular natural sunburn remedies. … [Read more...]

Fun Rainy Day Activity for Long Summer Afternoons With Kids

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Keep your kids entertained when they're stuck inside their Irvine apartment on rainy summer afternoons by teaching them how to make crystal geode eggs. This science craft project is one of the most fun things to do in Irvine with your kids. Here are the directions for making your own DIY crystal geode eggs: Crack a blow-out eggshell in half … [Read more...]

Community Survey Available to Improve Irvine

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We encourage our Main Street Village apartment community to take a survey that will help to improve Irvine. It will be one of the most important things to do in Irvine to help improve our city. Here is the information about this community survey: The City of Irvine writes up a new Consolidated Plan that they give to Urban Development and the U.S. … [Read more...]

Get Involved in Irvine’s Global Village Festival

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They're looking for participants for the Irvine's Global Village Festival. If any of our residents from our Main Street Village apartments can participate, you would become a part of the quickest growing multicultural event in Irvine. Here are ways you can get involved in the Global Village Festival: This festival will be held in the Bill Barber … [Read more...]

Volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Irvine

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Do a good deed by volunteering for Meals on Wheels in Irvine. We hope that the residents living at our Main Street Village apartments will seriously consider doing this or any other volunteering in Irvine that will help the less fortunate. Here are volunteering opportunities for the Meals on Wheels in Irvine: The meals are prepared at the Lakeview … [Read more...]

See the Last Movie on the Lawn on July 12

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Make sure you check out the Last Movie on the Lawn being featured on July 12. It's one movie event in Irvine near your Main Street Village apartment you don't want to miss. Here are more details about this free movie attraction: Movie on the Lawn will offer you an extraordinary movie experience under the stars. Films are shown on Fridays at the … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Fireworks Festival and Concert on the Green

Fourth of July event in Irvine

Celebrate the Fourth of July with an exciting concert and breathtaking fireworks on the green near our Main Street Village apartments. It's going to be one of the most spectacular Irvine events this summer. Details about this Fourth of July event in Irvine are as follows: The Concert on the Green and Fireworks Festival  will take place at … [Read more...]